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Thematic Activities

This page will be dedicated to providing some quick ways to start on a particular theme of interest to adults and kids. This is also where we will be posting thematic craft and activity info from our children's programming.


Activities & Resources

Flower creative crafting

Use paint, draw, chalk, glue, cut paper scraps, etc. to make a flower! Use pipe cleaners or sticks or brown packing paper scraps (tightly rolled or cut strips) for stems. Use construction paper, junk mail, old magazines etc for the flowers themselves (scavenger hunt in old magazines, sale fliers, grocery store fliers, etc. for pictures of flowers). Use real grass blades, leaves from trees, or construction paper for leaves.

Flower Recycling Crafting

Flower Food Crafting

Take the food you already have to eat, and see if your child can make a flower...even if it's just arranging peas and carrots on a plate in the shape of a flower, it's using imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and turning dinnertime into funtime! Here are some ideas for inspiration: