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Yadkin County Public Library History Room and Research Tips

On this page, we will provide research tips, NC Cardinal catalog book suggestions, video programs and tutorials, and genealogy research tips & tips.

Our History Room is currently closed due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic & COVID-19 disease.

There are multiple reasons that have led to this room's closure. First, the NWRL-wide policy is "grab and go" 60-minute visits, with many items stored or covered so that hourly cleaning and social distancing can occur. Only books that can be quarantined and cleaned are available for you to request a staff member bring to the circulation desk so that you can look at it in the table and chair provided near the circulation desk. History room items cannot be checked out for at-home use or transported outside of the building. In addition, many of the historical materials have surfaces that would be damaged if COVID-killing cleaners were used on them, or COVID lives on their surface for an unknown but lengthy amount of time.* Finally, the room's size prevents social distancing of 6 feet between multiple persons not of the same household and the lowered ceiling and enclosed space further increases the likelihood of virus transmission through the air, which is already elevated by being indoors.

If there is a book**, specific newspaper article***, or folder you need copies from, you can request a staff member fetch the item so you can use Post-it notes to mark the pages needed, and the staff member will make the copies. You will need to make your selection and have the copies made within the required 30-minute time limit for indoor visits. The cost for copies are $0.20 per black and white sheet ($0.40 if double-sided), or $0.50 per sheet for color copies ($01.00 if double-sided).

No items can be checked out unless it is in the general stacks that are open to the public. To see if an item is available to place on hold, use NC Cardinal.


*Several major library organizations have studied how long COVID lives on the surface of various library materials in order to help libraries handle their collections during the pandemic. Here are the results so far: study 1, study 2.

**number of pages allowed is limited by copyright

***that we have a paper copy of; we cannot copy microfilm, other material objects, or fragile historical materials.

This page is in the process of being built. More subpages for various topics will be coming this fall!