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Summer Library Reading Program 2020

Join us for "Imagine Your Story" as we journey through fairy tales, fantasy, mythology, fables, folklore, superheroes, Harry Potter, and a host of other amazing places both real and imagined!


Page Turner Adventures - Imagine Your Adventure Story


Page Turner Adventures - Imagine Your Adventure

Craft Supply List for this week (or see week 4 in this list)

Monday: SHOW DAY - Page Turner and Kenny on an Indiana Jones-style adventure as they search for the elusive purple wish lion. Length: 45-60 minutes
Tuesday: PROJECT DAY – make their own paper-plate wish lions, and toilet tube binoculars. Approximately 30 minutes
Wednesday: AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR DAY –  Donna Gephart is the winner of the Sid Fleishman Humor award and the author of seven middle grade novels, including her latest adventure…The Paris Project. We’ll also talk to Kelly Milner Halls, author of dozens of non-fiction books for kids. We’ll find out if the purple wish lion appears in her latest book, Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide.   Approximately 30 minutes.

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Thursday: TWEEN DAY – Upper elementary and middle school kids travel to Easter Island where they’ll make megaliths from laundry detergent bottles and masking tape, and tanzuku wishes in honor of Japan’s Tanabata Festival. Approximately 30 minutes.
Friday: SPECIAL GUEST DAY - Our guest performers this week are the amazing team at ADVENTURE SANDWICH, they’ll amaze you with their singing and cardboard crafting that you’ll have to see to believe. Approximately 30 minutes.
(Note: Page Turner Adventures originally planned a virtual zoo visit and a visit to the workshop of a Lion King puppet master, Jim Hammond. Jim, unfortunately, was ill this week and couldn’t make it. We hope to catch up with him later in the summer. And our Zoo plans also fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll also try to arrange something at a later date).