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Summer Library Reading Program 2020

Join us for "Imagine Your Story" as we journey through fairy tales, fantasy, mythology, fables, folklore, superheroes, Harry Potter, and a host of other amazing places both real and imagined!


Page Turner Adventures - Imagine Your Circus Story


Page Turner Adventures - Imagine Your Circus Story

Craft Supply List for this week

Monday: SHOW DAY - A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin THE MAGNIFICENT CIRCUS MYSTERY, an outrageous show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling, and comedy. Length: 45-60 minutes
Tuesday: PROJECT DAY – make your own magical steamer trunk! Approximately 30 minutes
Wednesday: AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR DAY –  Our author/illustrator this week is the incredible Don Tate, author and illustrator of Stronger Than Sandow (and many other wonderful books!).  Approximately 30 minutes.

  Strong as Sandow: How Eugen Sandow Became the Strongest Man on ...

Thursday: TWEEN DAY – Upper elementary and middle school kids learn how to juggle plastic grocery store bags and how to make their own juggling balls! Approximately 30 minutes.
Friday: SPECIAL GUEST DAY - world-renowned magician and Houdini historian, Jessica Jane Peterson (Penn & Teller’s Fool Me). We also have an ACTUAL CIRCUS! (Circus Kirkus). Approximately 30 minutes.*

*The originally planned virtual tour of the International Clown Hall of Fame in Baraboo, Wisconsin had to be replaced due to rising COVID cases closing the museum to visits.

Tickets — Circus Kirkus