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Summer Library Reading Program 2020

Join us for "Imagine Your Story" as we journey through fairy tales, fantasy, mythology, fables, folklore, superheroes, Harry Potter, and a host of other amazing places both real and imagined!

July Science Quest: Literacy Building

For July, we're going to build upon our literacy with everyday objects and toys found around your house! Try to recreate a book cover or scene from your favorite story, especially if it's a fairy tale, folk tale, legend, or myth! You can star in it, if you want, or include your household members too.

1) Do you have a LEGO Harry Potter or Star Wars set you've not put together yet? Or try other things around your house and yard: sticks, leaves, grass, stones, chalk on the sidewalk, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, magnets, popsicle sticks, Play Dough, sand box, paint, cotton balls, rubber bands, paperclips, tooth picks, etc.

2) Here's more inspiration from Stephanie Trilling  and others:


3) Draw a picture or comic book, or stage a photograph, of your favorite fairy tale, nursery rhyme, or folk tale. For inspiration, see or the images below!



Email the picture to or post it on our Facebook page and tag it as #STEAMatHome.

The pictures will be collected and voted upon on our Facebook page by our patrons. The event ends July 31. The winner will get a bag of free books!